Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Brunch with an Equestrian Touch

The birthday girl on her pony Little Joe

The birthday girl and her little girl!

Peggy, thanks for liking Bloody Marys

The birthday girl's place of honor

Drink tags. yep, they match too.

We have to celebrate the big ones. You know, the ones that end in "0". This birthday brunch for my dear friend Peggy was beyond fun for me to create, and then to pull off, with another dear friend, Susan, and Peggy's daughter Courtney. An old photo of Peggy on her pony and the colors rust, bronze, peach, ivory and green was used for the invitation. It set the tone for the party. I tried to use leather and wood containers as much as possible and oh those velvety rust magnolia leaves I found for the flower arrangements was perfect! I'm a wanna-be florist so I had a grand day with calla lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, pods and eucalyptus branches. One arrangement I wrapped in brown leather belts to give the look of a horse halter and reins.
Here are just some of the paper and floral details of the fete. My favorite part was the BYO- Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar. Even bacon was included in the array of fixin's! Another thing that Peggy loves is a good crossword puzzle. So with a lot of "all about Peggy" clues and answers assistance from Courtney and Susan I printed up a crossword puzzle that Peggy's guests worked on while eating. At the end Peggy gave all the answers to the clues, which involved some explanations. "Now what was your one criminal activity?" hee hee!