Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Party Popcorn

Are you an Academy Award watcher? I am. And I've thrown many an Oscar Party too, with ballots and the whole shebang. Classic movie food must be included so even when I have a crazy theme like "Grant's Chinese Theater" popcorn is an appetizer... alongside the wontons! No party for us this year but I just had to make some fun labels for bags of popcorn. Enjoy the red carpet, enjoy the show!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Party of Two

My sweet husband and I haven't gone out on Valentine's Day for dinner in many years. And last night was no exception. It was "just the two of us" but instead of our same old casual thing I decided we needed to have a cozy table by the fireplace and music instead of the TV in the background! I pulled out some linens that don't get enough use, clipped some flowers from the yard for our centerpiece, pulled Cupid out of the cupboard, made a small "love" bunting, printed the menu, cooked everything except the German Chocolate cupcakes (Elizabethan Desserts, yummmm!) and lit some candles. I think I took him by surprise!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Recycle

Do you hate to throw away bags? And sometimes even recycling a sweet, cute, rad, crazy, whatever bag is just not right and so you try to reuse it. Right? Me too. Paper Source has really fun bags and so I hang on to them but today I decided it was time to reuse them... again! Their bold stripes in red, silver, mossy green and an aqua blue were fabulous at Christmastime and now are working out just great for Valentine's Day. Some silk ribbon, silver cord, heart-shaped hole punches and even a cardboard cozy from Starbucks all helped to make it festive. Yep, that cardboard heart cut out is from Starbucks, and the handle of a larger PS shopping bag was fashioned into a heart as well.

As you can see, Paper Source has their rules for recycling printed right on the bag! Be a sweetheart and reuse!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Purple Addition to Traditional Black and White

I was happy to hear from this bride the other day because she said she wanted to change her colors up a bit. Lots of purple in various shades, like eggplant and lavender and others in between. So now I have started to play with the invitation. Here's what I have sent to her so far... but the reveal of the ribbons and other goodies will have to wait!