Monday, May 30, 2016

Backyard Scrabble Game DIY

start big with a "Z"
the beginning of taping

almost done, just the final white lines

my girlfriends. I forced them to play.

the key to scoring!

the colors of the board match the furniture we have on the patio, duh!
Just taking a break from posting invitations because finally a game was played on my giant Scrabble board and I'm still giddy! When I saw a Scrabble board in a concrete patio while perusing Pinterest I knew my husband wouldn't go for it, but I also knew I needed to figure out how to make this happen in our backyard. Another peruse through Pinterest and I discovered that folks are painting on canvas drop cloths to create rugs. Well surely I can paint a Scrabble board on a painters drop cloth! 

It took me forever. Measuring... taping... painting. Waiting for paint to dry. Taping and painting again. Then stenciling the letters and their point value on 4" wood squares. A friend came up with the idea for the letter trays made of a 36" length of wood with an angled groove down the center of it. Perfect! The tuffets? I found those at Home Depot and they are extremely lightweight. When it's time to clean up just fold up the board with the trays wrapped inside, put the letters in their bag and wait for another nice day to bring it out again.

Thanks girlfriends for playing the inaugural game with me!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Navy Blue & Blush Beauties... Wedding Invitations

Simple, elegant, with a touch of rustic. This bride's style with navy blue and blush colors will make for a lovely wedding. There is something very calming about blush floral arrangements and bouquets. I can't wait to see it all come together!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Red Barn Wedding Invitation

printed on the red wrap is a verse from Song of Solomon
the red wrap is subtle on the front  and with two slits it holds the rsvp card and envelope nicely
With a touch of rustic and a touch of patriotism this wedding invitation captured the essence of this couple and their wedding. The "birch barque" paper combined with the shimmer of the red and blue papers let the guests know that yes, the wedding is in a barn but they can wear their fancy duds!

The bride has always loved red, white and blue (although she went for gray!), loves American history, and had always wanted to get married on the Fourth of July. Well, the date didn't work out because the groom, a US Marine, will be deployed then. More recently he was stationed in Maryland so whenever the bride went to visit they enjoyed Washington D.C. and all the historical sites it has to offer.

Thank you Isaiah for serving our country!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Before they Say "I do" BBQ

I really did scan the tush of my husband's jeans

This rehearsal dinner is a a cidery and brew pub

Red, White and Blue... just for you John! Thank you for your service.

I decided the Wrangler's "W" pocket stitching stands for Weisskopf

The theme isn't new but it's so darn cute! Rehearsal dinner invitations can be fun or fancy and this client requested FUN! on behalf of the bride and groom. Of course BBQ is on the menu and the "red, white and blue" color theme honors the groom who serves in the United States Navy. I knew when I found my husband's Wranglers in the closet that this jean's pocket invitation style would be perfect. The "W" stitching on the pocket is a subtle nod to the hosts last name! Perfection.

When the denim dress code came up in conversation with my client I immediately thought that this might be another opportunity to revive a job from the past.  A few years back I created another jeans pocket invitation for a teen's party.Now I'm wanting to plan my own party and use this idea once again.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Navy Blue and Gold Wedding Invitations

The bride is a US Navy Nurse. Could that be why she loves the navy, gold and white combo? All I know is I love it too so this was a pleasure to create. The gold embroidery floss ties around the navy wrap and the RSVP and "The Particulars" are tucked behind. Clean, simple, yet so elegant.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower

well hello bow!

Pink champagne? You bet. But also grapefruit juice Mimosas (yummmmm) were served at this darling bridal shower. Beyond the party being a brunch, this client/friend wasn't sure of the theme she wanted to go with so we had an amusing time bouncing ideas off each other. I ran across a photo of a pink grapefruit mimosa and that got me thinking... and thinking. And knowing the hostess/client/friend has lots of black accessories to decorate with, this black and white check ribbon amongst my rolls added a fun twist on a classic black/white/pink color theme. Throw in yards of black and white checks for here, there and everywhere, a black bottle split of champagne for each guest and yummy food, and this gal pulled together a charming party!

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Random Party and a Random Invitation

'Pebblestone' is what we call our outdoor place for parties
All the random reasons for the party spelled out in the invitation
I can always count on my son-in-law Bill to dress in the theme colors
Pink with just the right red looks great together
Sometimes I look for an excuse to throw a party but this early fall party was a request of my daughter's. She and her husband were going to be in town visiting from Denver and she had just turned the big 3-0. Of course we'll have a party! 

Paper Source had a screen-printed paper that I couldn't resist earlier in the summer, a pink and red pennant bunting print, so that became the theme for the party and the paper I used for the invitation. I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted the invitation to say, so... well... I just wrote the words like I was leaving a voicemail message and then ended with the date-time-place-rsvp stuff. Casual and fun, the invitation and the party!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Woodsy Montana Wedding Invitations

a simple postcard Save-the-Date
a natural oatmeal paper on a pecan woodgrain paper
a map that maps out the weekend of activities
envelope liners are fun!
A logo that included an antler is how this wedding suite started. The couples logo combined with natural papers throughout set the tone for this lovely wedding in Bigfork, Montana. Sometimes I fall in love with a paper and right now it's the Envelopments Barque papers. Unusual and rustic and perfect for this wedding.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby Shower at Camp Mistwood

Mistwood deserves its own logo

A Compass to guide guests to the baby registry
"Mistwood" actually is the name of the residence where this couple's baby shower took place. So turning it into "Camp Mistwood" was an easy decision! The wood grain paper, Pecan Barque, from Envelopments added the perfect rustic touch in the envelope as well as on the invitation itself. And a few pine needles added that touch of nature to complete the package!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Graduation Means Celebration!

What is your graduate's style? Crazy? Athletic? Beachy? Horsey? Rock 'n' roll? Graduation announcements are a time to show your style. And graduation is a time for Celebration! Go out and make the world a better place Class of 2015!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Fun and Active Sixtieth Birthday Party

This Birthday Gal is the active type. Apparently REALLY active! So the celebration will have a touch of that "get out there and go!" with the party-ers going on a bike ride before the serious celebrating begins later in the day. Blue and aqua ink with some kraft paper for a touch of casual beachy sand gives the feel for their afternoon ride along the coast.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wrapping up Christmas

"Brown paper packages tied up with string" were my favorite wrapping thing this year. And printing on old paperback book pages to create the letters for the name bunting was quick too. Some packages had red velvet ribbon simply tied in a square knot, some had a red and green plaid ribbon, and a few had a burlap ribbon with a Christmas-y print on it. All were wrapped in brown paper, of course!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Brunch with an Equestrian Touch

The birthday girl on her pony Little Joe

The birthday girl and her little girl!

Peggy, thanks for liking Bloody Marys

The birthday girl's place of honor

Drink tags. yep, they match too.

We have to celebrate the big ones. You know, the ones that end in "0". This birthday brunch for my dear friend Peggy was beyond fun for me to create, and then to pull off, with another dear friend, Susan, and Peggy's daughter Courtney. An old photo of Peggy on her pony and the colors rust, bronze, peach, ivory and green was used for the invitation. It set the tone for the party. I tried to use leather and wood containers as much as possible and oh those velvety rust magnolia leaves I found for the flower arrangements was perfect! I'm a wanna-be florist so I had a grand day with calla lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, pods and eucalyptus branches. One arrangement I wrapped in brown leather belts to give the look of a horse halter and reins.
Here are just some of the paper and floral details of the fete. My favorite part was the BYO- Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar. Even bacon was included in the array of fixin's! Another thing that Peggy loves is a good crossword puzzle. So with a lot of "all about Peggy" clues and answers assistance from Courtney and Susan I printed up a crossword puzzle that Peggy's guests worked on while eating. At the end Peggy gave all the answers to the clues, which involved some explanations. "Now what was your one criminal activity?" hee hee!