Monday, May 30, 2016

Backyard Scrabble Game DIY

start big with a "Z"
the beginning of taping

almost done, just the final white lines

my girlfriends. I forced them to play.

the key to scoring!

the colors of the board match the furniture we have on the patio, duh!
Just taking a break from posting invitations because finally a game was played on my giant Scrabble board and I'm still giddy! When I saw a Scrabble board in a concrete patio while perusing Pinterest I knew my husband wouldn't go for it, but I also knew I needed to figure out how to make this happen in our backyard. Another peruse through Pinterest and I discovered that folks are painting on canvas drop cloths to create rugs. Well surely I can paint a Scrabble board on a painters drop cloth! 

It took me forever. Measuring... taping... painting. Waiting for paint to dry. Taping and painting again. Then stenciling the letters and their point value on 4" wood squares. A friend came up with the idea for the letter trays made of a 36" length of wood with an angled groove down the center of it. Perfect! The tuffets? I found those at Home Depot and they are extremely lightweight. When it's time to clean up just fold up the board with the trays wrapped inside, put the letters in their bag and wait for another nice day to bring it out again.

Thanks girlfriends for playing the inaugural game with me!

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