Friday, May 6, 2016

Red Barn Wedding Invitation

printed on the red wrap is a verse from Song of Solomon
the red wrap is subtle on the front  and with two slits it holds the rsvp card and envelope nicely
With a touch of rustic and a touch of patriotism this wedding invitation captured the essence of this couple and their wedding. The "birch barque" paper combined with the shimmer of the red and blue papers let the guests know that yes, the wedding is in a barn but they can wear their fancy duds!

The bride has always loved red, white and blue (although she went for gray!), loves American history, and had always wanted to get married on the Fourth of July. Well, the date didn't work out because the groom, a US Marine, will be deployed then. More recently he was stationed in Maryland so whenever the bride went to visit they enjoyed Washington D.C. and all the historical sites it has to offer.

Thank you Isaiah for serving our country!

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