Monday, March 21, 2016

Before they Say "I do" BBQ

I really did scan the tush of my husband's jeans

This rehearsal dinner is a a cidery and brew pub

Red, White and Blue... just for you John! Thank you for your service.

I decided the Wrangler's "W" pocket stitching stands for Weisskopf

The theme isn't new but it's so darn cute! Rehearsal dinner invitations can be fun or fancy and this client requested FUN! on behalf of the bride and groom. Of course BBQ is on the menu and the "red, white and blue" color theme honors the groom who serves in the United States Navy. I knew when I found my husband's Wranglers in the closet that this jean's pocket invitation style would be perfect. The "W" stitching on the pocket is a subtle nod to the hosts last name! Perfection.

When the denim dress code came up in conversation with my client I immediately thought that this might be another opportunity to revive a job from the past.  A few years back I created another jeans pocket invitation for a teen's party.Now I'm wanting to plan my own party and use this idea once again.

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