Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Recycle

Do you hate to throw away bags? And sometimes even recycling a sweet, cute, rad, crazy, whatever bag is just not right and so you try to reuse it. Right? Me too. Paper Source has really fun bags and so I hang on to them but today I decided it was time to reuse them... again! Their bold stripes in red, silver, mossy green and an aqua blue were fabulous at Christmastime and now are working out just great for Valentine's Day. Some silk ribbon, silver cord, heart-shaped hole punches and even a cardboard cozy from Starbucks all helped to make it festive. Yep, that cardboard heart cut out is from Starbucks, and the handle of a larger PS shopping bag was fashioned into a heart as well.

As you can see, Paper Source has their rules for recycling printed right on the bag! Be a sweetheart and reuse!

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