Monday, March 15, 2010

david vs. GOLIATH

A party with a theme is almost a must. I'm a sucker for any party, but when it has a theme it really sucks me in completely! And it is a delight to work with people that think the same way I do in that regard. Of course working with someone that lets me create a theme is pretty darn fun too.

David vs. Goliath, a splurge wine tasting. I think this is a fabulous theme, and for an auction item at a Catholic School's fundraiser what theme could be better? Well maybe Let's Turn Water into Wine would be an option but I don't think they'd find much success. They will be blind tasting well-known, good and reasonably priced wines with some that are two to three times the price. I don't get to go to the party but I did get to create the invitation for it. And that was fun.

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