Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Graduates

A sea of graduation announcements have arrived in our mailbox. More than any other year I can remember. High school grads, college grads with their bachelor degrees and master's degrees, and all of them deserving of a celebration. Well, you know me, I think a party should be planned because the sun broke through the fog before 10 am!
Our niece is one of the high school grads this season and her mom asked if I could whip up a simple invitation for the post commencement gathering. I'm partial to the school colors of red, black and gold so it's no surprise I had these yummy red Envelopments envelopes on hand. And a feminine and fun font matches Laura's personality. Congrats to her and all The Graduates!


  1. beautiful and elegant! your so good! best sfc graduation announcement ever!

  2. beee you tee full!! great job miss kim! i love these!