Thursday, July 22, 2010

How does that party happen?

I've blogged before about the twists and turns my mind takes when I'm in party planning mode, but today I thought I'd be specific. And the party most fresh in my mind is the Groovy one in my last post.

My beautiful friend Danielle just turned the big 5-0, which means she was born in 1960. So 1960 and all the hipness of that era started the party planning process. A cool blue and green napkin I found helped me determine the color scheme, and a font that just screams "1960's" found it's way into the invitation. Those beaded curtains that hung from doorways and windows in the sixties was how I came up with the accent strand on the invite itself, and I hoped I would find the perfect "curtain" that I could bring into the party decor. I hit pay-dirt at Cost Plus the day before the party! Fabulous.

A signature drink for a party is always a fun idea and the mojito fit perfectly into the scheme. One, it's the right color, green; and two, it's one of Danielle's favorite drinks. With this group of friends just sitting around chatting and eating makes for a fun night, but for this party I felt we needed an activity. Poetry reading. Yep, poetry reading. I asked each of the gals to write a limerick about the guest of honor which seemed simple enough to me. Five lines, that's all I asked for. There was a little balking at first but by party-time these women came up with the absolute funniest, sweetest, wittiest poems! It turned out to be the best part of the evening.

Maybe I should have thought a bit more before I settled on blue and green as the theme colors because when it comes to flowers blue is tough. I cruised over to the local nursery to see what I could find. Thinking the only blue flower I might find would be a hydrangea, which says "grandma" instead of "groovy". Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hydrangeas but they're just not right for this party. I wandered around with hopefulness and there with the herbs and tomato plants were mint plants! I decided that I could put them in a few containers and tuck some white flowers in tiny vases in between and at the end of the evening I could send the plants home with the guests. The perfect party favor for a 60's party is a little "weed" (I crack myself up) and since mint is a main ingredient in mojitos it fit right into the theme! And at the very very last minute I came upon a bunch of flowers that I also used in the decor, and something I had never seen before, Scottish Thistle. Thanks to Danielle for telling what they are or I would never have known! How weird, they are blue and green!

And that is how that party happened.

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  1. how much do we love kim! her creative spirit inspires me so! what a fabulous party! every detail amazing! and groovy!!
    wow! oxo