Thursday, October 7, 2010

Party Dogs

by Stacy Reeves

4 Eyes Photography

by Simply Jessie Photography

Whenever we have a bigger party my sweet husband wants to send Cory packing. Cory is my Wheaten Terrier with an aka: Hors d'oeuvres Dog. I don't think sweet husband is that concerned about the dog eating inappropriate food, he's worried there will be people in attendance that don't like dogs, or are afraid of dogs, or are allergic to dogs, or whatever. Our last party was chock full of Cory lovers so he stayed. Besides, all the friends that have been known to babysit the uninvited Cory were at the party! And darling Cory was party-ready too. A trip to the groomers, a brush of the teeth and a lovely satin turquoise bow for his collar and he fit in just like all the other party-goers. Since I didn't get a photo of him I decided to show proof that there are Party Dogs even at weddings! I found all of these photos on a fav blog Style Me Pretty.

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