Monday, October 24, 2011

Here Ye! Here Ye! Princess Party Invitation!

Hi Pinterest Friends! I now have a similar invitation in my Etsy shop. But if you want this invitation with all the fancy trimmings please send me an email and I'll create something special just for you.

Will a Princess themed party ever be out of style? I say NEVER! Pink and purple, ribbons and fancy trims, and a couple medieval phrases and the mood is set. I delighted so much in creating this invitation that I started imagining all the things I would do if it was my party. I could go overboard very quickly, like hanging a knight's shield on the front door, having a castle backdrop photo booth and putting my dog in an appropriate costume! (Did you see this dog at the bottom making the rounds in your emails this week?) No, that's not my sweet boy but isn't that hysterical? Well this little one year old Princess will be celebrated in style!

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