Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Couples Wedding Shower given by The Godfather

Every now and then I get a strange request. This was one of them. But when it was explained to me it made me chuckle and say "oooookay". The Godparents of this engaged couple (a Filipino wedding custom of the groom's family) are Italian (their niece is the bride) and so of course they are giving them a wedding shower with "The Godfather" theme! I know. It's making sense to you now, right?

A classic movie such as this has some unforgettable lines so I just had to incorporate a couple of them. And it starts with "We're making you an offer you can't refuse." So I'm sure everyone that gets this invitation will feel the pressure to attend. Ha!

The textured woven paper lends some casualness to the formal looking wine label and helps to bring out the party's outdoor, vineyard-like feel. Some good Italian food and wine and guests dressed in the theme and this will be some party!

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