Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beachy Bridal Shower Invitations

With a focus on the honeymoon on St. Lucia in the Caribbean this bridal shower brunch went "beachy"!  It can be difficult to shower a bride with gifts in San Diego when after the wedding the bride and groom will be living in London.  How much would it cost to ship all those kitchen gifts? A boatload, I'm sure. So this shower focused on the honeymoon and the things this bride might be packing in her suitcase and also packing the "honeyfund" with some extra bucks. St. Lucia means aqua blue waters and pretty sunsets in peachy shades so that set the color theme. The aqua string gives a nod to a fishing net as well as "tying the knot"! Ahhhh, someone bring me a mimosa!

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