Friday, April 10, 2009

Favor-ite Favors

A little something to remember the day, the evening, the weekend or the event. And these days a party favor ain't what it used to be! Some are extravagant and some are just plain thoughtful, but no matter what it's always fun to take home a little gift. Black and white fabric covered hangers, each with a place card tag were the favor at a lingerie bridal shower. A cozy blanket was a most thoughtful favor for an outdoor wedding in the coolness of January, even if it was in sunny San Deigo County! And custom etched wine glasses were the favor at my most recent party. With each guest's name on a mini wine lable and a special friendship quote on the back. Of course they used the glass at the party, and I had tissue paper and "thank you" printed paper bags at the table for wrap up on the way out the door.
A friend of mine told me of a bridal shower she just went to where the favors were aprons, a variety handmade by the hostesses. Sounds like the perfect thing for a kitchen themed shower. And another friend of mine is giving a "Time for Tea" shower and she found some lovely vintage hankies for the favor. The "tea bag" invitation has a beautiful vintage look as well. There's nothing like following a theme from beginning to end!


  1. love your blog miss kim! love being included in your life.

  2. Kimmy, my friend, the coat hanger favors are classier than I imagined. You are the creative queen!!! Get them up on Etsy for those June brides. xoxo