Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the Vineyard

Well, I like to pretend! That's what theme parties are all about, so our backyard became a lovely picnic area at a vineyard for my birthday. The fabulous invitation was created by my dear friend Danielle Leopold, but I was flattered that so many thought that I had done it. I love her work. I did enjoy making the place card wine glass tags, the wine labels, as I named each table a different type of wine, and menu cards to complete the "paper & such"! Also, I love Continental Catering in San Diego because the food is delish and they help create the ambiance that I'm looking for.

An idea I love (and stole!) is the do-it-yourself photo booth. "Dress up and pose at the brick wall please!" Thanks for playing.

Most of all I LOVE that so many friends and family came to celebrate with me. A special shout out to travelers from Idaho, New Hampshire, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, and almost Colorado (they got snowed in)!

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