Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunflower Soiree 90th Birthday

Driving along the road the other day I spied a sunflower plant in full bloom. It sure seemed early in the season but what do I know? It reminded me of my great aunt Audrey's 90th birthday invitation that I created a couple years ago. It was sent to relatives all across the country. My husband calls her a "little pioneer woman" and the folks in her tiny town of Twin Bridges, Montana call her "L'il Audrey". And since she's L'il Audrey, I thought I'd dwarf an old photo of her with a giant sunflower and thus sunflowers became the theme.

One of the most interesting things about her party is that the entire town (pop. 400) was invited. That's the way it is with occasions such as this and the invitation is always an ad in the local newspaper. So I emailed a digital B&W of her invitation and that's what appeared in the paper. No RSVP needed, they always guess that about 100 people will show up and that's what we had! About 15 family members from 4 states made it as well. It was a delightful and unique party, and so interesting to experience small town America. And I mean really small!

Bottom right photo is a mural on the side of the library building in town.

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  1. how beautiful is aunt audrey!!! i want one! i will put her in my pocket and take her out when i want to smile and hug,
    great work kim.