Monday, May 18, 2009

Poster Fun

Each June the Journalism Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has an end of year dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of their students. And for the past handful of years the chairpersons of the student-run public relations firm are responsible for the organization of the event. In 2007 my daughter was one of those chairpersons and enlisted my help in a few areas, one being the design of the poster to advertise the event and the tickets as well.

Print Journalism, Public Relations and Broadcasting take turns as the general the theme, and as you can see "good year. and, good luck." was the broadcasting theme choice that year. The movie "good night. and, good luck", about Edward R. Murrow had come out the year before so Ed became the star of the poster. And the dress code theme was black & white. I've discovered that if everyone at a party dresses similarly it gives the party a fun vibe!

The Daughter must have been feeling nostalgic about her college years because she requested this post. How could I say no?

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