Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrating Marriages

Back in 1980 my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and in 2006 my husband and I did the same. They had a big bash, we had a small gathering, but a special invitation is something both couples did. My mom had acquaintances that made stunning screen printed artwork for invitations and calendars and such so she went to them for something different, and WOW it's still fabulous 29 years later. (lower left) Printed on gray felt with lavender, fuschia, silver and white ribbons sewn on it made for a declaration invitation. I guess we share a love of lavender as I used the same as well as pink for our theme. I created our invitation in shades of gray with the purple and silver paper as a background.

I asked our guests for their wedding albums the week before the party. As part of the table decorations I scanned some pictures from each album, printed them on vellum paper and matted them in silver and put three framed photos together with a votive candle inside to illuminate them. Then I printed out photos, one of each guest, and used them as place cards as well as favors. I asked everyone to sit at the place where their spouse's photo was. Gee, we were all so young!

The invitation by Marilyn Pace and Karen Wilson still inspires me almost 30 years later! Thank you ladies.

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  1. perfect new banner heading!!! and still love the "tag your it!"