Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hang On

It seems a few folks like my hangers. Who'd a thunk? Well, I thought "maybe", with a shrug of the shoulders, so I put them up on my site and they've sold! I never thought I'd be found at a fabric store so often... and actually like being there! (My mother will not believe I just said that!) Touching the ribbons and fabric are almost as much fun as paper. I need a few more colors in my collection though so I'm off to the fabric store again to add to the rainbow!


  1. Good for you Kim!! I love your hangers! I need a real fancy beautiful one to bring with me to weddings. Need something to replace the plastic one for images...
    You are off and running!!

  2. Tell me what you want, Sissel, and I just might be able to create it! It would be my pleasure!

  3. love the beautiful array of hangers!
    and apparently so does everyone else.
    oxox o.d.