Monday, October 12, 2009

Show Your Style

Boot Scootin' in 2007
Yes, I'm still in Christmas card mode. Did you get that family photo taken yet? The older "The Daughter" gets the more difficult it is to get a family photo for our card. And now that she doesn't even live in the same state it is ultra challenging. Two years ago, just before she moved, we thought we'd show our different styles by our choice of cowboy boots. Who else would have fancy teal green boots, but "The Daughter"!

Fortunately, a visit from Danielle caused this year's photo to be taken last week (so early compared to our usual) by our friend Sissel Byington and we even made her blog. You can sneak a peek of us here.

Get your photographer and show your style for your 2009 card!

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  1. great picture!!! is there a more beautiful family? i don't think sooo...