Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tailgate Party on the Eve of the Big Game - Ticket Invitations!

They are Notre Dame fans and super fun clients of mine and they are having yet another sure-to-be-fabulous party. On the eve of the Maryland vs. Notre Dame football game the party is at their house. And if their friends don't have tickets to the game they at least have tickets to the Tailgate Party!

And the gold paper clips? It just seemed like the perfect little detail. Whenever my husband and I are given tickets for an event they are paper-clipped together and put in a simple little envelope. And both of the teams share gold as a school color.

Sometimes a client has a style or theme in mind, and sometimes I just come up with something that I hope will peak the interest of the recipient. This time when I asked my client if she had an idea of what she wanted she said "a ticket, maybe?". So a bunch of tickets is what she got! Since this party was actually auctioned off of at a school fund raiser I decided that along with some silly "fine print" I should add a thank you to the bidders as well on the backside of the tickets.
If you're going to a tailgate party don't forget your pom poms!

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