Friday, May 4, 2012

Father of the Bride BBQ - The Real Thing

Can I generalize here? Men love barbecue. No wonder George Banks (played by Steve Martin) the father in "Father of the Bride" dreamed of a barbecue for his daughter's wedding reception. My husband settled for the night before event to be a barbecue at our daughter's destination wedding weekend at Sunriver Resort in Oregon. When I was in the planning stage of this event  I put up this post last summer.

The bride saw a yellow and white check tablecloth and the theme was set. I decided it would pop with black and we rolled with it. I think everyone had a ball playing ladder golf and cornhole, chatting it up about the day's activities, eating good food! I have a wonderful son in law who was thoughtful enough to wear black while I wore yellow and my daughter wore white. She is the bride after all!  My husband? Well, he just chose a shirt he feels good in!

All these photos are from our fabulous photographer Braedon Flynn
And the delightful twiggy basket florals are by Allison at Mint Floral

The buttons were a real hit so if you are considering doing something like that for a party of your own I say 'do it'!
This girlfriend worked with the bride, lived in the same cities in Idaho and Washington too.

And this guy was a college school friend from California.

I made the cornhole beanbags, stenciling the burlap with the bride and groom's initials.

The photographer caught the "B" beanbag in midair!

These lawn games were great because players can still hold a beverage and toss!

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  1. Was the yummiest day ever!! Every detail was PERFECT and Creative!! You are so beautiful and talented!! well done!!