Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Scarring, Year Two

Last year was my first attempt at scarring pumpkins and the outcome was pretty darn good, if I say so myself! So I decided to try it again this year with a variety of pumpkins; fairytale, yellow Cinderellas, green as well as traditional orange jack o' lantern type. Oh my scarring was going to be soooo much better and I was going to sell them and make a million dollars. Well, maybe not quite that much. I purchased and planted my seeds and waited and waited for some serious vines to start growing. It seemed like it took forever but flowers did begin to bloom. Flower after flower came and went and no cute little pumpkins. Okay, so there were some but not near as many as last year and I had 3 times as many plants. Apparently I'm still learning how to be a farmer. My meager results from Pumpkin Scarring Year Two are proudly pictured below.
The tiny orange guy in the middle says "seriously?"

This guy is my favorite. A sneaky snail tried to do some scarring of it's own on the back side of it but it survived.

Just after scarring

About a month later. Sadly this little one started to rot within a week of clipping it from the dying vine.

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