Monday, February 16, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

The perfect excuse for a party is the evening of the Academy Awards. And oh the fun I've had creating those invitations! Theme options abound! Start planning your party now because the show is coming up next weekend!
One year we did "Grant's Chinese Theater" (instead of Grauman's, the famous one on Hollywood Blvd.) and decorations included paper lanterns, Asian inspired florals and Chinese take out for the dinner! Another year it was pure "Hollywood" with recreations of famous intersection signs in Hollywood, the "Spago" sign and Wofgang Puck's pizza. Maybe the most fun part that year was our own Walk of Fame with our guests' names on stars glued to the walkway leading to the front door. Every guest is a star in our minds!

Each year we have movie popcorn as one of the appetizers and movie candy for dessert. Custom printed popcorn bags and custom-made wine glass IDs are fun details. Movie posters from the past and the official Oscar poster for the year are also a must.
I always include a ballot with the invitation that must be filled in and submitted before showtime. Prizes for those that have guessed most closely to the actual results are something to vie for here. Sometimes the prizes are themed as well, sometimes not, but always the prize for the worst guesser is a box of Milk Duds, for picking all the duds of course!

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