Friday, February 27, 2009

The Thrill of Touching Paper

Inspiration for invitations sometimes comes from wandering through a paper store. I love to touch and feel different papers and that's how the creative thoughts for a birthday party invitation came to me. Not only the invitation but a direction for the yet to be decided menu as well.
While wandering through Paper Source I came upon one of their Japanese papers that made me think of the beautiful flowering pear trees in our yard which are sadly finished blooming. Nevertheless, the hostess for this birthday dinner party has a wonderful variety of dishes (pottery, china, porcelain, earthenware...) and I recalled a set that would go quite nicely with this paper so that sealed my decision. I was already envisioning the place cards on the table. One thought always leads to another and in this case it went like this - Japanese paper... Hawaii... Hawaii became a state 50 years ago... the birthday girl was born 50 years ago... skinny strips of paper look like chop sticks... Pacific Rim cuisine for dinner!
Thanks Marsha for letting me design my own dinner party invite! No I'm not really turning 50, I'm just telling people that so we can have parties. (Fingers crossed behind my back.) And I love parties!

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  1. I LOVED this kim! keep inspiring!
    i 'heart' you!